Syma X8W Quadcopter Drone Review

This is an fpv quadcopter. This is going to work by broadcasting a Wi-Fi signal to your phone and you can view real-time what the cameras viewing will do an unboxing, a flight review and i’ll also compare it to a very similar quadcopter the X101 by MJX this is another one that i reviewed earlier and a really great flying quadcopter the only problem I had with it, is the footage was very there’s a lot of vibration in the in the video so I’m hoping I can attach a GoPro to this one and get a little bit more smooth footage compared to this one. A lot of the features are going to be very similar between the two quad copters. Let’s get into the unboxing. It is 2.4 gigahertz just like the other one HD camera, you have your six axis gyro, very standard you can do flips and it does have headless mode on this one so let’s take a look at it. You got your manual here’s your quadcopter. I got mine in matte black, the body feels really sturdy and I do like how did they put the the lights poking out of the body on this one compared to the X101 the bottom lights are actually built into the frame so we’ll see how this one, how those lights look.

And you get your charger. Your four extra blade guards and then you have an extra set of blades. Then you have your transmitter which takes four AA batteries. A full-size control. Then you got a very large battery in here. This is the 2000 mAh battery that’s going to come with your Syma and then compare that to the 1200 mAh that comes with the the X101. Down here you have your fpv camera that’s going to clip onto the bottom and plug into the body of the quad. And then you have your back clip this is where your phone is going to fit into. You just basically clip this on to your phone like that. That’s going to hold it on the remote. This part just slips right on there like that so you can fly fpv. I mounted the GoPro using a cheap mount from another quadcopter and secure it with zip ties. The video was a lot smoother on the X8W versus the X101. And with a better mount i’m sure you could get even better results which would make this a great budget aerial video drone as long as you don’t fly too far away. The biggest problem is the limited range. Usually Syma has all around great quality toy grade quadcopters but the X8W was lacking not only in range but also with its camera quality which I’ll get into in just a minute. It’s advertised at about 70 meters or 229 feet but i wasn’t even getting half of that. I tested in several different locations to make sure there is no interference from radio signals and i found that at about 90 feet X8W would just loose signal and fall out of the sky.

I might have just had a bad transmitter so if you have an X8W and are getting better range please leave a comment down below and let me know. The sturdy landing gear has a nice wide stance it has no problem handling rough landings like a champ. Flight times were a little better than the X101 at around nine minutes with no camera and around eight minutes with a GoPro. Extra batteries cost around fifteen dollars and charge times are a whopping three hours. Now Syma did do a really good job with LED lighting. The raised modules on the bottom help with orientation and there’s even lights on top which helps when you find toward you and your quadcopter is tilted. Now the camera isn’t what I was expecting I thought they would at least put a 720p camera on this thing. But it’s actually a 640 by 480 standard definition camera. Now if you don’t plan on carrying heavier cameras then i would recommend going with the smaller Syma X5SW which has just as good if not an even better FPV camera. It’s kind of like a mini version of the X8W. Now it can lift smaller action cameras like the Mobius and included a link to my review on this one in the description down below. Fips were a little awkward, i just think this quadcopter is a little bit too big too heavy to perform flips i wouldn’t recommend doing them. So overall the Syma X8W does make it great close-range budget aerial video quadcopter if you upgrade to a better action camera. I would have liked to see better range and a better camera to match the quality of the rest of this quadcopter but overall it actually does flight really well, it’s very stable thanks to its six axis gyro. And i added links to similar quadcopters that I do recommend if you guys are interested in something similar to the X8W. That’s my review on the Syma X8W if you have any questions please just leave them in the comments down below and make sure to subscribe to keep up to date with future reviews.

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